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Buy Cannabis Online Portugal. The coffee shops of Amsterdam are sacred places where you can find

some of the best buds the world has to offer, so it’s no surprise that, Buy Bubba KushOrder Cali Weed,

there’s an entire category at the High Times Cannabis Cup that is specifically, Order Lemon Cherry Gelato,

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Barney’s Coffee shop combined Girl Scout Cookies with a Rolex phenotype of

OG Kush to create a gold medal strain that took home 1st place at the aforementioned competition.


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Moderate to high THC levels reach an average of 17%-18% or higher.

but what really makes this strain special is the pairing of 3% CBD.

This creates a nice heady high that relaxes your body and lifts your spirits.

As you might guess by the name, Cookies Kush has strong

Kush flavor is lightened by sweet lime and pungency. Buy Hash Online.

The aromas are quite similar with a bit of granny smith apple on the nose.

The buds are olive green with minty green patches and fiery orange hairs.

The trichomes that envelope each nug are translucent and rife with resin. Order Blue CheeseBuy THC Carts,

The Cookies Kush high can be a bit jarring to some as it brings together two opposing sensations that build and build as the high continues. In the initial rush, you’ll feel immediate sedation that leaves you a bit lethargic. Buy Cannabis Online Portugal

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Your eyes may get dry and red at this point and if you are susceptible to that side

effect this may become very uncomfortable. Buy Cannabis Online Portugal,

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While you are settling into this phase you’ll feel your head getting light and

energetic and your thoughts may race. You’ll feel quite mellow and lazy, but

because of this juxtaposing energy, you can function if you have to.

Medically speaking, you can find a lot of uses for Cookies Kush. Beyond it being

powerfully sedative, it is also a mood booster which makes it great for anyone

suffering from chronic stress, depression, or bipolar.

Growing Cookies Kush won’t be too difficult if you have some experience with other finicky plants. It is recommended for intermediate growers or above and will provide those green thumbs with a high yield. These plants aren’t the biggest, averaging about 1 ½ to 3 feet in height, and require temperate, warm climates.

Though this is from the Cookies family, it throws users for a loop as it doesn’t have that classic cookie flavor. Don’t get too caught up in that, because the high itself is confusing enough. Many users have described this strain as mind-bending due to it truly being two sides of the same coin, blurring the lines between where the indica begins and the Sativa ends.