BUY CANNABIS ONLINE MALTA. In 2021, Malta became the first nation in the EU to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Customers can now cultivate four plants at home and carry up to 7g of cannabis in public without facing legal repercussions thanks to the Cannabis Reform Act.

After the European Union nation passed a law liberalizing its marijuana laws, Malta opened its first “cannabis club” for adult use a little over two years ago.

According to the Times of Malta newspaper, the KDD Society, the cannabis association in Malta, announced that over 150 new members had signed up in the first two days.

Alternatively, customers can acquire up to 50 grams of marijuana per month and a maximum of 7 grams of marijuana per day by joining a nonprofit cannabis group like the KDD Society.

Malta Today, another Maltese daily, said that the KDD Society had started selling cannabis to its members who had enrolled. BUY CANNABIS ONLINE MALTA.

KDD Society was one of two groups to receive a cultivation license in October of last year.

Members of the club are permitted to purchase up to 20 seeds for home cultivation each month.

For medicinal and research purposes, the Malta Medicines Authority evaluates applications and recommends actions related to cannabis that go through approval procedures in compliance with applicable laws, such as the Drug Dependency (Treatment not Imprisonment) Act, Cap 537 of the Laws of Malta.